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Become a partner, earn a commission through our referral programme.

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Helping You Succeed

  • Sign Up Bonus – Get paid for becoming an affiliate (minimum payout)*
  • Your own custom dashboard – see how many referrals, visits, your conversion rate, recent activity, earnings and more.
  • Creatives and banners – pre-made images to add to your website sidebar, in your blogs or newsletters.
  • Direct link tracking without an obvious affiliate link.
  • Want an affiliate link to be in keeping with your other programs? Customise the slug.


What We Offer

  • No blog to link from? Create a QR code for print. 
  • No blog or prints? Get a custom coupon YourNameX%off
  • Leaderboard – see how others are doing
  • Tiered Rates – the more your earnings the larger the commission rate. 
  • PayPal Payouts
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Frequently Asked Questions

Artificial Flora, based in the United Kingdom, sell artificial flowers, artificial trees, artificial plants, pots and vases. 

The Artificial Flora Affiliate Program is free to join and allows you to monetise your audience and earn commissions from each new Artificial Flora referral.

To apply, you must:

It is not necessary to have your website (you can add links/ codes to your videos for example). If you do have a website please note, we generally do not accept:

  • Websites under construction or unfinished.
  • Websites without their domain name.
  • Websites that display lists with no further information.
  • We do not accept websites containing adult content, inappropriate content, or content regulated or illegal in any of the countries we operate in.

Our team will carefully review your application and in most cases, applications to the Artificial Flora Affiliate Program are processed within 5 business days. If your application is approved, then you’ll receive an email with an affiliate link to promote Artificial Flora and some help to get you started.

For denials, you will receive an email.

Upon acceptance into the Artificial Flora Affiliate Program, you will receive access to log in to your affiliate account. From here you can create your unique links which will be used to track all of your referrals. When promoting our company, always use your unique affiliate link. Our tracking cookies last 30 days, meaning that if a visitor clicks on your affiliate link posted on your website, then you will be credited with the referral as long as the visitor buys an item within 30 days. 

You’re eligible to receive a commission for visitors that are tracked through your affiliate link and pay. There is no maximum number of merchants you can refer to, we want you to earn as much as possible.

The Artificial Flora Program supports only PayPal for affiliate payouts.

If the commission balance is below £10, then it will be held until the next payout period.

For any payment disputes, contact with the full details of the issue. We’ll review your message and do what we can to resolve it.

You can track how many people clicked your link, how many people in total you have referred, the total revenue in that pay period from all your merchants, and the total revenue to date from all your merchants. For privacy reasons, you cannot track the revenue of a specific merchant.

Within your affiliate area, you can view and download our logos, banners and other creatives. We provide brand guidelines to ensure you are correctly using our brand assets. By using our brand assets, you indicate your acceptance of our usage and you understand that a violation of these guidelines will result in the termination of your Artificial Flora Partner account.

We provide exclusive discounts codes to only specific affiliate partners at our discretion. Please at first sign up for an affiliate account and use the currently available methods.

Affiliates cannot bid (in regards to online advertising, including but not limited to pay-per-click or pay-per-impression campaigns) on any keywords or phrases containing Artificial Flora branded terms and cannot include Artificial Flora’s affiliate links in paid ads that impersonate our brand. See our affiliate agreement for more details.

We don’t have any objections if you run paid ads (without using Artificial Flora branded terms) to drive traffic to a page on your site that contains an Artificial Flora affiliate link. This, however, like all our terms, is subject to change to counter any affiliate program abuse. 

We would love it if you used our products, but you are not required to be an Artificial Flora customer to be a part of the Artificial Flora Affiliate Program.

No! Signing up and participating as an Artfifical Flora affiliate is completely free.

Our team will be more than happy to help answer any further questions you may have. Please email us at


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