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Express your love with Celia Red Rose Bunch. Featuring lifelike silk Celia roses in a rich red hue, perfect for any romantic occasion. Vase not included.

The Celia Red Rose Bunch is the epitome of romantic elegance. Silk Celia roses in a rich, deep red hue, this bouquet is perfect for expressing love and admiration. Each rose is meticulously crafted to look incredibly lifelike, ensuring a timeless display of beauty. Ideal for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, or any special occasion, these roses will make a lasting impression. Their lush, velvety petals, vibrant colour and thorny stem bring a touch of classic romance to any setting.

Looking for a different rose?

This picture and video compares two of our popular rose varieties:

  • Celia Red Rose (Right): This is the rose featured in this listing. It’s known for its compact size, deep red blooms, and shorter stems.
  • Harper Rose (Left): This rose offers a more elegant look with taller stems, larger rose heads, and a lighter shade of red.

Comparison harper vs celia red rose comparison celia red rose bunch

Now watch the video below to get a clear comparison!


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