Artificial String Of Pearls Plant


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Purchase this item and get 80-375 Points - worth £0.80-£3.75
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  • Stunning artificial string of pearls plant with or without planter.
  • Potted options come assembled with a pack of gravel to be added after delivery.
  • Perfect for brightening up any shelf in any room

The artificial succulent plant is part of our artificial trailing plants collection.

  • This plant has 8 strings of pearls and hangs in a realistic manner.
  • The surface of the succulent leaves has a mat texture which adds to the realistic look of the plant.
  • The total length of the plant is 45cm, which creates a total height of potted plant including trail of 25cm.

The first section of the faux string of pearls video (00:00 – 00:06) below shows the small artificial string of pearls plant potted in the ‘pink face plant’ option. (00:007-00:10) shows the gold sand coloured pot.

Product dimensions:

Length of unpotted complete item: 43cm

Length of the stalk: 11cm

Length of the plant (excluding stalk which is to be hidden in the pot): 32cm

Length of the trail when in a pot: 25cm

Approx width of the plant when potted: 12cm

Weight alone (unpotted): 122g 

In-depth review of Artificial String of Pearls trailing plant

At Artificial Flora we sample many artificial plants before we decide on the best faux plant version to stock – it was no different when selecting our fake string of pearls hanging plant. 

We reached our decision to stock this artificial string of pearls plants for the following reasons:

Why do we think our String of Pearls plant is the best?

The plastic seam on our string of pearls plant is not as obvious as some of the alternatives available. Although it is obvious when you look closely, it is not obvious from a few meters away, and it is much less obvious than alternatives on the market.

The shape of the leaves. The string of pearls plant is succulent and has distinctive bead-shaped leaves. Some artificial versions have long pointy leaves which are not a good replica of the real plant.   

Our plant has 8 strings in total – cheaper versions often only have 3 or 4 strings. 7 strings of varying length give our plant a good overall fullness.

Slightly rough/ matt surface of the leaves. Some alternatives can look very shiny, which immediately gives the impression of a fake plant – our plant is rubbery, not a hard shiny plastic, and has a very subtle matt coating that reduces shine. 

Is our artificial String of Pearls plant realistic?

In addition to sourcing the best plants for you, we also want you to know what you are buying. We feel that our artificial sting of pearls ranks about 4 out of 5 on a realness scale. From a distance to someone who doesn’t have an in-depth knowledge of real string of pearl plants, this plant would easily pass as a real plant. 

On closer inspection, there are plastic seams visible on the leaves and stem, and the stem is thicker than that of a real string of pearls plant. We have not managed to find any artificial sting of pearls plants available which have a more realistic thickness of the stem.  

The verdict on our String of Pearls plant

Overall, we are very happy with this plant and it is perfect for people who struggle to keep real plants alive, or just don’t want the hassle, but don’t want it to be too obvious that it isn’t a real plant. 

In-depth product description about this artificial string of pearls plant

There is wire in the stalk – this can be cut with wire cutters to the desired length. This stalk is 11cm long and should be hidden from view in the pot. 

There is wire inside the start of the stems – this allows you to bend the plant to the desired shape. Most of the stem does not have wire, only the start – this allows the plant to hang naturally. The wire inside the stems cannot be seen, it is purely to allow you to arrange the plant in a way that is most pleasing to you.

Faux string of pearls plant uk dimensions artificial string of pearls plant

The weight of the string of pearls unpotted is 122grams.

The weight of our potted plant is approx 600-700 grams. This might be useful if you plan to place this on a lightweight shelf. Please check the strength of your shelf first. If this is too heavy, you may want to purchase the string of pearls without the pot and find your own lightweight pot. 

Buying options 

When you buy an artificial string of pearls plants from us, you can choose with a pot or without a pot.  

Potted Artificial String of Pearls

If you choose to purchase with a pot we will secure the plant in your pot. We also include a pack of gravel for you to cover the surface of the pot. If you wish you could cover the surface with moss or soil – this is your choice. We will already have cut the stem to the correct length for the pot provided. All you will need to do is cover the pot with the gravel. 

Artificial String of Pearls without a pot

If you buy the plant alone (without the pot) we will not cut the stem, and we will not provide the pot. People often have their own pots or vases, so providing you with the option to purchase without a pot gives you more flexibility. Some shelves are not very stong and a heavy pot might not be suitable. 

Why do we provide a pack of gravel?

After lots of research, we have found that one of the big giveaways of artificial plants is the substrate used to cover the surface of the pot. If we use gravel, we would have to bond it with a resin to keep it in place during postage. This resin gives a very fake shiny look.

The alternative to glued together gravel is a fake soil/ grass look – none of our team like the look, smell, or feel of the fake grass/ soil – it is reminiscent of fibreglass pieces and does not seem very natural at all.

After much discussion in our offices and with customers, we decided the best option was to place loos gravel over the surface of the pot… but obviously, this would not stay in place during delivery. So we simply provide you with a packet of gravel so you can scatter it over the surface once you receive your plant.

This way, you also have the option of using real soil if you wish to really confuse your guests!

What is the scientific name for String of Pearls?

The succulent plant is actually in the daisy family and is native to parts of South West Africa. The scientific name is Curio rowleyanus, also known as Senecio rowleyanus.

There is a similar succulent plant known as the string of bananas which has more elongated leaves. 

Do you have any questions?

We are a friendly bunch of people who live in the UK – the whole team is knowledgeable about all the products we stock, and customer service is our passion! If you have any questions at all about any of our products, please send a message or use our chat box – we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!


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