8 Interesting Facts About Flowers

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Here at Artificial Flora we love dealing with flowers and over time we have learnt so much! here are our best facts about flowers:

1) Rose Facts

Roses are one of the most popular types of flowers for weddings, funerals and other special occasions like Valentine’s day. They come in many different colours and varieties, so it will be easy to find something suitable for your occasion.

The rose has become synonymous with love, but it’s not just romantic florals that are associated with the plant. Roses were once used medicinally to cure everything from headaches to toothaches. They’re still used today in aromatherapy and perfumes.

Rose oil is one of the most popular essential oils today. It has many uses, including being added to soaps and shampoos. The rose plant itself is known for its medicinal properties, which include helping to fight depression and anxiety.

Rose oil facts about flowers
Rose oil is used in home cosmetics and wellness products

2) Scientific flower facts

The vitamin content of a flower varies depending on its species. For example, some types of lily contain high levels of vitamin C, while others like marigolds contain vitamins A and B.

3) Here are some cooking facts about flowers.

Some very popular flowers to cook with are:

  • Chives
  • Leeks
  • Garlic
  • Watercress
  • Mint

4) Historic Fun Facts About Flowers

Some old facts about flowers are that they were also used by ancient Greeks and Romans as offerings to gods.

Our company name is inspired by Flora. Flora was the Roman Goddess of springtime and flowers. She used to take flowers to the Temple Maximus to brighten it up.

5) Interesting Flower Facts

They come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny baby ones to huge giant ones. A sunflower once grew to 9.17 meters.

Want to know some scary facts about flowers? Wells cray if your small, I mean very small. Did you know, some flowers look like insects? Or that some insects look like flowers? The female orchid praying mantis looks like a flower to attract prey.

The Rafflesia Arnoldii is the worlds tallest flower that can grow three feet across and is found in Indonesia

The worlds oldest flower has been fossilised and dates back to the Cretaceous period.

The number of different types of flowers varies widely depending on the species.

6) Flowers Facts – gifts

A bouquet is one of the most popular gifts and for that reason, it makes our list of cool facts about flowers.

They look great and an artificial bouquet doesn’t die after a week or two.

7) The Sun and Flowers

The sun provides energy for all living organisms, including plants. It helps them grow and produce food.

But did you know that some flowers prefer darkness?

The Ghost Orchid grows in the darkness in Madagascar.

8) Smelly Facts on Flowers

These 5 flowers give off a lovely floral scent:

  1. Rose.
  2. Primrose
  3. Hyacinth
  4. Lily
  5. Lavender

Whereas these 5 flowers fragrance is that of smelly, rotten meat:

  1. Corpse Flower
  2. Dead Horse Arum Lily
  3. Stinkhorn mushroom
  4. Eastern Skunk Cabbage
  5. Carrion flower

The corpse flower is often referred to as a rotten corpse and is the smelliest plant in the world.

Want to watch some facts about flowers? The Corpse flower in particular? The video below shows some reactions on how bad the smell is:

Video by National Geographic filming the reactions from visitors at a Botanic Garden when smelling a Corpse Flower.

Its smells attract insects to think it’s rotten flesh, food. They get trapped and released with the plant’s pollen.

Interesting Facts About Flowers

Our most interesting fact about flowers is that doesn’t last forever,

imagine that,

all that beauty and then they are gone so fast.

We have a solution.

Artificial Flowers are brilliant in keeping your home forever beautiful.

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