A Comparison Between Real Plants Vs Fake Plants

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Plants are beautiful additions to our homes. From indoor plants to houseplants, they offer us beauty, health, and practicality. They also add a touch of nature into our daily lives.

Yet, these days, the popularity of fake plants has increased. Due to high demand, manufacturers started creating artificial plants using advanced technologies. Even if your budget allows for a real plant, it would be wise to check out the options before investing in a real plant.

The best way to compare fake plants with real ones is to look at their features, benefits, and advantages. In this article, we will be comparing fake plants with real ones.

Fake Plants Vs Real Plants – Which One Is Better?

It’s your home, your preference. But, if you’re one to cater for what others have to think – read on.

You’ll find no one cares about your plants until you leave the room and your buddies start behaving. So they’ll come over for a conversation and a cup of tea, you leave the room and you’ll find your plant is “touched”!

Why? Because today people can’t tell the difference between genuine and plastic plants by sight. Even if they touch the silk leaves, they may not get an immediate response.

As a result, the difference between the two plants is minimal. So let’s compare genuine versus synthetic plants:

Which one do you prefer for your workplace?

Most people appear to be considering bringing plants to their workplace. It is the first thing that springs to mind when considering how to improve the area’s aesthetics.

Office spaces are often drab, chilly, and uninviting, bright, green plants are the first choice. Bringing something to work that opposes everything wrong with the world will be welcomed. This might lead to a more positive working culture in the future.

Depending on your preferences, you may use the real deal or fake plants. If you’re using real plants in the workplace please note you know need to burden someone in the office with the duty of watering them. If your staff are off on holiday or they don’t want to do it you will need to use someone to come in and maintain them.

Real or artificial plants for your home?

How much maintenance do you need? Others like caring for and seeing a plant develop.

Are you thinking about selling? Then fake may be the best option.

Home sellers and home renters use faux plants because they may stay in a house for weeks or month. They are easy to install, easy to move as their lightweight, you don’t need to be in to tidy up any fallen leaves. Some firms now rent natural plants with weekly maintenance.

Faux vs Real Plants – Which One needs the lowest Maintenance?

One of the main benefits of fake plants is that you don’t have to care for them and you don’t need to have a green thumb.

Artificial plants have a low level of maintenance and only need dusting and cleaning on a semi-regular basis.

As you would with real plants to ensure proper growth. You won’t need to buy, use or worry about:

If you have ever forgotten to water your live plants don’t feel bad, you’re not alone. At first, it sounds like a simple and necessary activity but life gets in the way. Then when you set an alarm you know need to know how much water to feed them for healthy development.

Fake plants liven up any room such as a living room without requiring lots of upkeep:

  • Sunshine or any lighting.
  • No water, fertiliser or pesticide is needed
  • No need for a soil inspection.
  • Escape all the trimming and digging.

So what maintenance do artificial plants need? When dusting the house and your other household goods you will need to dust artificial plants. This helps remove dust from waxy leaves and petals.

Artificial plants always display themselves in the best form. Whereas real plants do not always display themselves in their best light. Many things could be going on here and many things need to be checked to keep your plants alive.

Your potted plants might not have been fed or hydrated, or they could not be in blooming season, so they might not look their best. It may not get enough light, the humidity levels might not be correct or the temperature may be too high or low for good health.

Plants in your south-facing garden will enjoy being shifted every few weeks to prevent withering. Caused due to the inconsistency of sunlight exposure.

Are Artifficial Plants More Toxic Than Real Plants?

Do you have pets or small children at home?

Real-looking fake plants are about to become your new best buddy.

It is not only the Castor oil plant that is poisonous to you and your children. Cats may have difficulty with Lillies. Dogs, well, here is a several page PDF from the Dogs Trust that outlines which houseplant is hazardous to your four-legged companion.

Even if you’re real plant is not toxic you might find your dog will dig into the soil. Cats will start hunting for little insects. Your little children will feel forced to bury lego pieces into the solid. All leaving dirt around the outside.

Are artificial flowers toxic? No. At the manufacturing stage when dealing with raw plastic they are toxic. But once made you won’t need to read and figure out which ones cause what allergic reactions.

Which has the best quality?

No matter how much money you spend on actual plants and how much time and effort you put into maintaining them, no one can refute that they are real.

Because faux plants are made of plastic, the odds are stacked against you from the start. At Artificial Flora our artificial plants are all the high quality and we stock fewer stems in our shop because of this. We in the past have considered having a budget section. But we couldn’t bear the thought of anybody purchasing low-quality artificial plants from us.

When people wonder is it tacky to have fake plants? No, our careful section of fake plants is of premium quality and hard to tell apart from real ones. We only stock high-quality artificial plants!

Cost – Is it better to have real or fake plants?

At first, you might find it’s cheaper to buy real plants but in the long run, fake plants are cheaper.


Well, to get your small, young plant to mature size (the size you start with when buying artificial plants) requires a lot of feed.

Which comes on a wide variety?

All kinds of garden centres make it easy for you to buy real plants in a wide range. As well, most of the popular real plants have been made into fake ones, so you’re likely to be able to recognise your favourite.

So, which one is the winner in this group?

Well, fake wins.


To keep up with the latest fashion and decor trends, you can buy fake plants and then store them after the season ends. Real plants though, no matter how much you don’t like them or how much you wish you could use the space for another type of plant, you have to keep them.

Real plant Pro’s

Reduced Stress – Plants may help you relax and feel more natural. Working with plants may be therapeutic. Sadness, anxiety, and dementia may be helped by gardening. With less stress and illness, people can concentrate on their jobs and take fewer sick days. This study shows interaction with indoor plants may reduce psychological and physiological stress.

Mental Health – Looking at plants might have health benefits such as emotional and mental health advantages.

Air Quality – Certain plants can clean the oxygen and air by lowering dust and mould in an area, which may aid allergy sufferers.

Why Are Fake Plants Good?

Artificial plants do not need ideal growth conditions to thrive. They will survive in any environment you put them in. It will not wilt in the presence of light or warmth.

It’s simple to pick up plants at the shop on the spur of the moment. The majority of flower bouquets perish within a week or two after being delivered. Live plants that are not cared for will wither and perish.

Your fake plant will not overrun the confines of the container. As a result, you will not be required to buy a bigger pot. You can move or repot your artificial plant. A fake plant is lightweight and simple to transport and clean.

  1. Artificial plants can’t die (unless they’re trashed).
  2. Artificial plants are more durable and last longer.
  3. Because they are so light, they won’t spill soil or water when moved.
  4. Artificial plants don’t mind the weather since they aren’t affected by it.


Is it OK to have artificial plants at home? Yes here’s why our table on Fake Plants VS Real Plants:

Which One WinsReal PlantFake Plant
Toxic to HumansYes – someNo
Toxic to CatsYes – someNo
Toxic to DogsYes – someNo
QualityYesYes – All of ours
Cost – Cheapest UpfrontYesNo
Cost Cheapest Long TermNoYes
Wide VarietyYesYes
Air QualityYesNo
Log LastingYes – If well maintainedYes
Table highlighting the main difference between fake plants versus real plants

Frequently Asked Questions

Do fake plants have the same benefits as real plants?

Yes. They will help brighten up any space in your home and will help decorate your space in keeping with the latest design trends.

What is the difference between an artificial plant and a real plant?

Fake plants don’t need the best conditions to grow. Fake plants will outlive their real counterparts and do not need any maintenance. Your fake plant won’t need soil so there won’t be any mess.

Are fake plants cheaper than real plants?

The upfront cost of real plants is less money than fake plants. Real plants though due to years of having to buy plant food, changing the soil and when it grows bigger having to buy a larger plant pot. Artificial plants are cheaper in the long run.

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