The Top 17 Flowers For Luck

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Flowers are a great way to express gratitude and love.

They symbolize prosperity, love and you can get flowers for luck.

Flowers are a beautiful part of nature. They come in various colours, shapes, sizes, and fragrances. Some flowers are associated with certain occasions or events.

17 flowers For luck

Several types of flowers bring good luck. Here are our favourite ones:


The hydrangea is a great choice to add colour to any floral arrangement. It’s easy to grow, too!

It’s said that the hydrangea brings wealth and success. This is because it has a deep meaning of gratitude and plenty.

You can use this flower to bring good luck to yourself and others.


The name “peony” comes from the Latin word peonies meaning “beauty”. In ancient China, peonies were used as offerings to the gods. They were considered sacred flowers and were often planted at gravesites.

The Chinese believed that if one was lucky enough to see a peony in bloom, it would be a sign of great happiness. Peonies have been associated with royalty since ancient times.


Chrysanthemums are said to bring good luck to people who wear them. Yellow Chrysanthemums are especially lucky and provide extra good luck vibes.


Marigolds bring luck to everyone who sees them. They also protect people from evil spirits. They symbolize good fortune and symbolise a pot of gold.


Orchids are beautiful plants that smell nice. They’re used as gifts when you want to get someone’s attention. You could use them to make your house smell nice too.
Some people prefer to keep the fresh leaves rather than using the flower. They think keeping the leaves makes people feel happier.

Morning Glory

Morning glory plants are sweet-smelling flowers that bloom in the morning. They were brewed as herb tea from the plant’s leaves which were used to treat headaches and stomach troubles.

Peace Lily

A peaceful lily plant is a symbol of relaxation and peace. This is because the flower looks like a white flag waving in submission. This makes people feel relaxed and ready to do whatever they want. It keeps away unwanted spirits from entering homes, and it helps people to sleep well at night. Peace lilies are also a gift of love for others.

Sweet Peas

Sweet pea plants attract new friends and give you courage. You should plant them in your garden to make new friends. If you carry the flower, it will help you to tell truth at all times. And if you wear it, it will give you extra physical and spiritual strength.


A fun Sunflowers fact is they’re also known to bring good fortune and success. Some say they are the most beautiful flowers in the world.


Tulips are beautiful flowers that grow in springtime. They symbolize rebirth, growth, and success. They also protect homes from fires and bad weather.


Zinnias are very pretty flowers that come in many different colours and shapes. They are said to be good luck and bring happiness. People suffering from insomnia should plant zinnias around their homes.


Daisies are lucky flowers that bring happiness. You should wear them if you want to be happy. Planting daisies at your house will help you feel more confident and powerful.


Rose is a symbol of love and loyalty. It’s also associated with friendship and happiness. Good luck comes when you wear it or place it somewhere.


Asters are very lucky flowers. They symbolize wealth, fertility, and prosperity. You should wear them when you want to be successful.


Hibiscus is a beautiful flower that brings good luck. It is also known as the lucky flower.


Dandelions are known for having a lot of positive energy. They help people get rid of bad feelings and negativity. They are believed to increase your energy levels.


Carnations are flowers that bring true love. They are believed in many cultures to give good luck and happiness. During weddings, Japanese women receive carnations as a symbol of fertility.


These beautiful bouquets are lucky, especially if they are a surprise gift.

Yet, fresh flowers aren’t so lucky themselves?

Why, because they don’t last long!

That’s why we recommend and sell artificial flowers.

They look real, smell real, feel real, and last a lot longer than real ones.

So now you can give someone a bouquet that lasts forever!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are artificial flowers bad luck?

Artificial flowers are usually made of plastic materials. Many people believe that they bring bad luck. However, this belief is not based on any scientific evidence. In reality, it is just superstition.

Are artificial flowers good for feng shui?

Artificial flowers are not considered good for Feng Shui because they are not alive and cannot add energy to the room. However, they do help create a more pleasant environment and increase positivity.

What Is The Luckiest Flower?

In our opinion the Champagne coloured flowers.

Ok, not a flower but there needs to be mention of champagne coloured flowers. After all, champagne is associated with celebration and good times and shares the same luck properties.

Why Are Flowers Lucky

1) They Bring Happiness
Flowers are very beautiful and bring joy to everyone who sees them, especially when they bloom. Flowers are considered to be lucky because they bring happiness to those around us.

2) They Are Good For Your Health
Flowers are known to have medicinal properties, which means that they can improve our health. A study found that people who were given fresh cut flowers had lower blood pressure than those who didn’t receive any flowers.

3) They Can Improve Relationships
Flowers can help strengthen relationships between family members and friends. When we give someone a flower, we show that we care about them. This shows that we value their friendship and love.

4) They Are Beautiful
Flowers are beautiful, and they look amazing when they bloom. People often say that they don’t understand what makes flowers so special, but they enjoy seeing them.

What Makes A Flower Lucky?

1) A lucky flower that grows in the wild, but not in your garden.
2) A lucky flower that you can grow yourself.
3) A lucky flower that blooms at the beginning of spring.
4) A lucky flower that has a long life span.
5) A lucky flower that is easy to grow.
6) A lucky flower that smells good.

Flowers For Good Luck – How Did It Begin?

The Chinese believe that bringing fresh cut flowers to someone who has recently lost something brings good luck. They say that if you bring a bouquet to someone who got engaged, you will ensure that their marriage will last forever.

But what exactly does it mean when we talk about “good luck?” Is it a coincidence that we see these beautiful blooms everywhere we go? Or is there something else going on here?

Flowers Have Been Used For Thousands Of Years

The first flower was discovered in China around 10,000 years ago. Since then, flowers have been used for thousands of years to symbolize love, friendship, and happiness.

In ancient Greece, people believed that the gods were born out of flowers. They also thought that the souls of the dead would return to Earth as flowers.

And in the Middle Ages, people believed that flowers had magical powers. They thought that if you wore a rose on your wedding day, you would never be lonely again.

Today, most people don’t believe in magic anymore, but they still believe that flowers bring good luck.

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