How To Clean Artificial Flowers

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Artificial flowers are an inexpensive way to decorate your home and they look very realistic. They come in many different styles and colours and you can choose from hundreds of designs.

Artificial flowers are easy to care for and maintain but they are not 100%, zero maintenance. They require some upkeep. If you want to keep them looking fresh all the time, in this article we answer how to clean artificial flowers.

How do you clean artificial flower arrangements?

There are 3 different ways:

Can Artificial Flowers Be Washed

Option # 1 – Water

Here’s what to clean artificial flowers with:

  • Mild detergent or baby wash
  • Luke warm water
  • Towel or a Drying rack
You can use cool water with a very mild amount of washing up liquid and make sure to dry them.

Please note we would not recommend using hot water as it is likely to cause the colours to bleed.

What is the best way to clean artificial flowers?

Option 2 – Shake in a bag of salt

If your plastic flowers are collecting dust, place them in a bag with some coarse salt, fold the bag tight, and shake it vigorously.

Are your artificial flowers gathering dust?
  1. Place your artififcal flowers ina plastic bag
  2. Add Kitchen Salt (the advantages of kicthen salt vs table salt is that the medium-sized crystals are slightly larger than table salt which helps clean the flower petals)
  3. Shake the bag

The edges of the salt should knock off the dust particles from your artificial flowers.

Cleaning dust from artificial flowers using salt and a bag

If you have a fragile stem such as an orchid putting them in a bag and shaking them is not advised as it might damage their stem. It is probably best to use the damp cloth approach mentioned in Option #1.

Is there a spray to clean artificial flowers?

Option 3 – Using Sprays

If your flowers have a matt finish you can use a small compressed air spray. You might have used this before on your computer keyboard.

Please note using an office, aerosol air spray will result in dust going everywhere. Meaning you will need to vacuum afterwards. Plus this method can be expensive, especially when compared to using a feather duster. If you are wanting to use an air spray consider going outside and using a leaf blower or your car tyre pump.

You can buy spray for glossy flowers but instead of buying spray, you can make your own DIY silk flower cleaner. Simply combine equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. This is best used on florals with lots of foliage rather than precious, single flowers since the colour of the blooms may fade.

Before continuing with the remainder of the flower, spray a portion of one leaf with the spray to ensure that the moisture does not modify the colour of the silk.

How to Clean Delicate Silk Flowers

As the material of silk flowers is different from artificial flowers you need to take a different approach. Make sure it’s cold water and use a washing powder solution for fabrics and then dip and rinse and then leave to air dry. I would try this on one petal, to begin with, again in case the colour fades.

Can you wash artificial flowers in the washing machine?

We would advise against putting artificial flowers in a washing machine. The speed, force and moisture will ruin them.

How to Care for Artificial Plants?

We recommended cleaning artificial flowers every week or fitting them in with your home cleaning routine.

How do you fluff up artificial flowers?

What you will need:

  1. Crushed Artfifical Flowers
  2. Haidryer

Caution: Please use the hairdryer on the lowest setting. Do not apply directly and do not use it for a long time. Make sure you keep moving the flower around so the heat isn’t in one place. This method could potentially permanently damage the flower.

Fluffing up flat silk roses with a hairdryer

How do you refresh artificial flowers?

Similar to the method above with the hairdryer used for faux flowers. This method differs as the hairdryer is placed at the back of the fake flowers and not the front.

How To Fix Crushed Artificial Flowers

Caution: Please use the hairdryer on the lowest setting. Do not apply directly and do not use it for a long time. Make sure you keep moving the fake flower around so the heat isn’t in one place. This method could potentially permanently damage the flower.

A method we do not use – You could use a vacuum cleaner but depend on the complexity of your artificial flower and how delicate they are, there could be a possibility of part of it being sucked up and lost forever.


In conclusion, artificial flowers can be a great addition to any room. However, they are not 100% maintenance-free. So if you want to keep them fresh all the time, we suggest you clean them regularly.

using proper cleaning techniques will help keep artificial flowers fresh and beautiful for longer periods.

The cleaning methods were cleaning using water, dry cloths, cleaning spray and air spray. This will help get any dirt and dust off and there was even a method of using salt.

To fluff them up or refreshen them the two videos show how a hairdryer can be used.

Which one of these methods will you use to keep your artificial arrangements clean?

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