How to make fake flowers look real

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Flowers are often used during special occasions like weddings, funerals.

They add colour and life to a room, and they’re also great for decorating a home. 

But they can also be a big investment. A way to keep costs and maintenance duties low is to use fake flowers!

The question is, how to make fake flowers look real? How do you create a convincing flower arrangement?

If you want to create a realistic-looking faux bouquet, you’ll need to master some techniques.

Here are our best tips to make faux flowers look real:

Avoid Symmetry

Real flowers have imperfections in their stems and leaves. 

Real flowers have imperfections in their stems and leaves. Fake flowers should not replicate the perfect flower ever grown

You want them to seem natural. As if you were walking through a meadow as opposed to examining one in lab conditions.

The stigma, petal, and others should all be soft and growing in different directions. The receptacle, sepal, peduncle, steam, and leaf should be soft, bent, and not firm. 

Some great buying advice would be to avoid symmetry. Use an odd number of stems when arranging faux flowers.

Choose Bunches Or A Mixture? 

We sell two curated categories of flowers by professional florists. Flower arrangements (mixed bouquets) and bunches. If you don’t want to use our artificial flowers, here’s a tip to keep them looking real. 

If you decide on bunches, make sure they are all the same colour and kind. A classic look of sunflowers, peonies, and tulips for Mother’s Day and roses for Valentine’s Day. These are classics, and there is no need to reinvent the wheel. 

If you feel daring and want to explore, mixed bouquets can look stunning. A tip here would be to please be very careful when mixing and matching. A good buying guide would be, to look for the:

  • right colors
  • textures
  • materials (plastic, silk flowers, real-touch)
  • sizes to complement one another.

Investigate Real Flowers 

To get good-looking imitation flowers, you must first research the actual thing.

Go out, visit a florist, and find the real flowers you’re hoping to buy fake ones off of. If you can’t, search online for photos of the flowers you’re considering purchasing.

Examine the leaves, buds, and petals. Look for the most realistic hues and blooms.

Use The Correct Vase

A good fake flower decorating tip is to choose the right vase for your imitation flowers. Use the same vase that you would for the actual thing. 

Once in the vase, arrange and re-arrange them in the container until you it looks right.

If you use a clear glass vase, you can add pebbles to the bottom or use fake water.

Why fake?

Well, you often see flowers in water, but that’s because they can soak up and absorb the moisture.

Yet, faux flowers in real water, after a while, will end up damaging the stem. Plus, water left out for a while has its problems.

An alternative to real water is acrylic, resin, or polyurethane water. It gives a realistic effect when you use a clear vase because of the lack of water!

If it’s not in a clear vase, you can bulk out the bottom with dry foam, cardboard, or paper and sprinkle dry soil on top. The natural dirt look will fool anyone.

If you are after more than a clear vase, we sell a lot of quirky pots and vases. In our opinion, the vessel plays a big factor in how to make fake flowers look expensive.

Mix Real With Fake 

Are you a green-thumb person?

Include fresh flowers in your fake floral arrangements.

Combining real and fake is optional. It might negate one of the benefits of artificial flowers – zero allergies.

If you don’t suffer from hay fever and have a garden. Mixing outside flowers with your fake flowers will give a natural appearance.

Seasonal Flowers?

People used to think that if you used fake flowers to decorate, you should only use flowers that were in season to make them look more real.

Sure, a sunflower will look more lifelike in the summer, but one of the joys of fake stems is that you can keep them out all year round

Good Storage 

Fake flowers are long-lasting, but they are not indestructible.

If you are swapping your flowers from season to season, a good tip on how to make fake flowers look real is to be certain that you are preserving them. 

Artificial flowers that have been stored do not look genuine since they are folded and crumpled. 

For storage, do not leave them out in direct sunlight. This should be avoided as it may cause your flowers to fade. Instead, try placing them in the package in which they were received.

When you remove them from the storage box, give them a good shake to remove any dust that may have accumulated on the petals during storage. 

Buy High-Quality Fake Blooms

Faux Florals have acquired a terrible image lately. Because there are some terrible knockoffs on sale!

I agree with this. Some fake flowers look ugly, so ignore them. You can tell by the price. A tip here would be to not try to maximise the quality with your budget but to focus on quality.

We have sourced many faux stems and, we have never sold any faux blooms that did not look like the real deal.

Our products on sale all adhere to a high standard of quality. As the quality of artificial flowers varies, here is what to check for to increase your chances of getting them to look like they do in real life:

  • stems that appear genuine.
  • stems that appear realistic.
  • stems that bend .
  • lifelike foliage.

Fluff Them Up

When your flowers arrive in the post, they might be flat. Now, how the leaves appear is one of the major tell-tale characteristics of a synthetic flower.

You can either take them out of the packaging and, over time, they will expand, or leave them alone. Or, a pro tip to get the right look is to fluff them.

With a little change, they’ll seem more lifelike. 

Handling each flower is an excellent way to make artificial flowers appear natural and more realistic. Please be careful, but if done, this will improve your flowers’ appearance!

Another tip you can try with caution is to soften them using a hairdryer. Also, bend the stems of your chosen artificial flowers. This will help them resemble the genuine thing.

A natural bloom droops to the vase’s sides, not completely erect. Twist the wire branches with your hands to make them look very much like real flowers.
Bend your artificial flowers instead of cutting them. This allows you to adapt the flowers to the vase. 

Trimming And Pruning

Don’t be hesitant to trim the false stems. It helps make fake flowers appear genuine. Plus, it’s exactly what you would do with genuine ones before placing them in a vase.

Our artificial floral arrangements, which come with a vase, have been pre-cut and fit the first time. 

If you’re not using realistic flowers from our collection, cut each stem and place it in the container. For the greatest results, use heavy-duty cutters.

Pruning the fake flowers and removing big leaves softens the floral arrangement. I also clip the stems to make them more manageable.

What to do with the trimmings? If you buy real flowers, buds and flower petals might fall near the vase. Place your imitation flower bits near the vase on the table. 

Floral Scent

The only thing that imitation flowers will never have is the fragrance of genuine flowers.

Solution: Spray them with a flowery fragrance to give them the scent of cut flowers. 

Separate Pre-Made Bundles

We sell our bunches as individual stems, and we assemble them before they go out. If you buy from another shop, you might find they are all joined as one.

So, how do you make fake flowers realistic? Here’s our tip: Fake flowers that have been bundled into a bunch do not have to stay that way forever.

The bouquet or bunch can be separated into stems. I would tell using wire cutters, which will help cut through the stems. Then arrange a bunch of individual flower stems. Cutting them with scissors will damage the shears.

Rearrange Your Fake Flowers 

Every year, it’s time to switch things up!

Don’t use fake flowers the same way year after year.

Have a go at creating your fake flower arrangement by mixing the current bunches you have. 

  • Try placing them in a new location every few months.
  • You’ll notice how much better they look when you change their environment.
  • Use different vases for each of your arrangements; it will help bring the design together.
  • We recommend changing your vases every three months. This way, the appearance doesn’t seem repetitive. 


Please let us know in the comments or on social media which one:

  • Which of these tricks to make faux flowers look real will you use?
  • What do you think is the best way to make synthetic flowers appear real?
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