How To Protect Artificial Plants Outside?

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When it comes to faux greenery, you might want to decorate outside and if so you might be wondering how to protect artificial plants outside and if it’s possible?

Well, it all depends on how they are cared for and where they will be kept. Fake plants are best kept indoors since they aren’t built to withstand the elements. You can still put your favourite fake plants outside if you do it right and know how to protect them.

Can Artificial Plants Go Outside?

Yes, faux trees can go outside. However, only those labelled as suited for outdoor usage are allowed. Fade-resistant technology is used by these plants and trees so that they don’t lose their colour when they are outside.

Here is our advice on how to protect artificial plants outside:

Limit The Sun

Direct sunlight over time can fade the colour of your plant. The ideal place to put the faux plants is beneath an umbrella or on a patio, where they will get the most shade. 

Exposure to sunlight is the biggest hazard to your plants during heat waves and extreme heat. We suggest you move them to a more shady spot or cover them temporarily.

Rotate your plants due to the sun

Rotating your fake plants regularly is the best way to protect them from the sun’s damaging rays. This way the sun rays are equally distributed rather than concentrated on one side. 

Plus rearranging your plants helps create a new arrangement and style.

Add UV Protection 

You might be wondering even with rotating your plants and limiting the sun, how do you keep artificial plants from fading in the sun?

The answer – UV protection. This will help them resist fading.

Now the next question – how do you make UV resistant artificial plants?

You will be glad to hear, in most cases artificial plants which have been designed for the outdoors, the manufacturers:

  1. Before Making The Plant – add ultraviolet light-blocking ingredients into the material they use to make the plant. This results in a long-lasting fake plant that isn’t faded.
  2. During Making The Plant – Other producers may apply a UV protection spray to their fake plants after the ingrediants are made and before they are shipped out.
  3. After Making The Plant – Others may not provide UV protection to their artificial plants at all.

If the latter point #3 is the case, and your manufacturer has not made your outdoor plant UV resistant here is what to spray on artificial flowers to keep them from fading.

UV protection may be applied to your plants by yourself using readily available UV sprays. Make sure to cover the whole plant. If any are overlooked, parts of the plant may quickly deteriorate.

These methods so far are only some of the ways you can keep artificial flowers from fading outside. Below are 3 more:

Clean them

Use a non-abrasive home cleaning spray to completely clean your plant after it is clear of dust. Gentle dish soap and a soft touch may be used to clean fake plants without disturbing the surface. Using water and hand soap is one of the simplest and most commonly used procedures. Simply stir the leaves around in the soapy water before removing them and wiping them dry.

To get the best results, leave it on for 10 minutes.

Wipe the plant clean. Wipe away any residual cleaning agent with a damp cloth, then dry it with a dry cloth.

Besides regular cleaning outdoor plants, dusting helps. The first step is to use a feather duster to remove dust and dirt from your plant. A clean feather duster or microfiber cloths are very effective in removing dust.

Caution – you may use compressed air or a low-heat hairdryer to efficiently remove particles. Be careful otherwise you may end up permanently ruining your outdoor plant. 

Add Drainage due to rain

During those lovely dry summer months, it’s easy to forget about the rain.

But those hot summer months won’t last. To remind you here’s a table from the Met Office showing how much rain different parts of the UK get. Now you remember, it’s important to think about how outdoor elements and weather conditions such as heavy rain will fall on your fake plant and how it will get out of the pot.

Winter can play an issue as well. Snow can build up in the pot and melt. Make sure the outdoor pot has drainage holes. 

If you’re going to plant the fake plant in the ground, add some stones and pebbles to the pot. Not only will this add to its aesthetic appeal, but it will also help weigh it down.

Rain is normally not an issue, but if there is a lot of rain in a short period, containers get flooded. The natural wood stem of your artificial plant will momentarily absorb the moisture. 

Move indoors during strong winds

Strong winds may cause both real plants and fake plants to collapse. This may cause stems to shatter and foliage to be destroyed.

The best thing to do is to move the fake plants and faux trees out of the way. There is a lot less risk if you move them to a safe place like a shed or garage. If you can’t get the plant to move, try adding supports or attaching it to a nearby building. 


Can artificial flowers survive outside? Yes, as long as you have purchased an artificial tree designed for the outdoors, clean them bring them in during strong winds and place them in a pot with drainage. 

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