Flora roman goddess

Flora Roman Goddess

Our company used an ancient Roman goddess of spring as inspiration – Flora Roman Goddess.

Her story goes back thousands of years! Her name was “Flora” Goddess of flowers and springtime.  

This article is all about who Flora is:

Flora Forever

She brings new energy into the world during spring and encourages people to break out of their comfort zone and take action. 

Our forever artificial products last all year round in the hope of her energy to constantly help people overcome obstacles and move forward.

Flower crowns flora roman goddess

Temple Maximus

In ancient Roman times, Flora found the Temple Maximus to be plain and dull. 

She would regularly take flowers and decorate the Temple as even one stem would bring colour and joy. 

She always wanted flowers and plants to be blooming all year round.

Is Flora a Goddess?

Yes, she is! She was born from a sacred union between the Gods and goddesses, and now she lives with them in heaven.

In both ancient Greek and Roman mythology, she was the Goddess of Flowers and the season of springtime.

She is the God that brings the warmth, joy and happiness of spring to our hearts. The name Flora comes from the word flos meaning flower. 

Goddess of springtime flora roman goddess

Who is the Goddess of plants?

Flora is the Roman Goddess of flowers, gardens, springtime and flowering of plants. She originally was one of the fertility Deities and a fertility goddess.

Her fertility powers were associated with Spring as springtime brought out new flowers, crops in fields, fruits on trees and herbs. This is what had her known as the goodness of flowers and springtime. 

What was Goddess Flora's Roman symbol?

In ancient times, she was worshipped by women who offered her garlands of flowers. Her symbol became flowers and is said to be fond of Geranium Sylvaticum (May flowers) and is often depicted in sculptures and images wearing a floral crown or a dress with flowers.

Flora symbol

Festival and Flora remembrance date?

On April 28th – 3rd May there is an annual festival, Floralia, which is held in the name of the Goddess of Spring Flora and lasts for six days. From ancient people to modern times people will celebrate the cycle of life, drinking, dancing, flowers and taking part in games.

People would decorate their homes with flowers and wear flower crowns. At the festival, amongst her followers and cult, there would be a Cornucopia (a horn-shaped container). Symbolising abundance and nourishment. It would be overflowing with produce, flowers or nuts.

Who was Flora married to?

Flora was married to Favonius, (known in Greek mythology as Zephyr or Zephyros). He was one of the  Anemoi (wind) – God of wind he also served Cupid. Flora’s companion was Hercules.

Flora roman goddess parents

Flora Roman goddess facts

  • What were her favourite animals? Flora considered hares and goats as sacred and loved bees.
  • Did she have any nicknames? Flora was also at times referred to in other Latin names such as Floras, Florae, Flosa, Flos, Fluusa and Flora was chlori. Chloris, says, “As she talks, her lips breathe spring roses: I was Chloris, who am now called Flora.” Poetry from the book by Ovid-Fasti 

More Flora Facts

  • How is she linked to fertility? Flora gave Juno a flower of fertility. The special flower meant Juno could give birth to Mars without a man. 
  • Who is the goddess Flora related to? Flora’s twin sister was Fauna, whose role was Goddess of animals. 
  • During the Roman Empire, Roman King Titus Tatius built a temple for Flora.
Floralia flora roman goddess

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