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  • Ceramic plant pots with faces available in 3 different colour glazes
  • These quirky face planters are the perfect size for shelves and desks
  • There are no drainage holes in these planters
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This colourful handmade ceramic plant pot is a perfect way to add colour and fun to your house.

Each quirky planter has a cute face on the front.

Two closed eyes with eyelashes and a cheeky but happy smile.

The texture of the face changes depending on which part you touch. The eyes and a smile go in ever so slightly whilst the nose protrudes.

In the lower part of its body, there is an embossed, patterned belt wrapping around it. The belt or patterned plant pot has a textured feel and consists of four rows:

  • Row 1 – Circles – Fill
  • Row 2 – Oblong – Fill
  • Row 3 – Circle – Outline
  • Row 4 – Oval – Fill

On the blue pot, there is a light white background on row 2.

They sit on three legs. At the end of each leg, you will find a small white pad as their feet to keep your surface safe.

The inside of each one is black but when you add your plant you will not see this.

These indoor planters come in three colours: blue, gold sand and pink.

They are handmade and the colour might ever so slightly change from the photo. You’ll find due to the smooth, glazed finish of these ceramic pots the actual colour depends on the angle of the light.

We ran a poll to see what further colour terms people use to describe these novelty pots as and this is what they said:

The blue one is:

  • Blue chill
  • Teal blue
  • Robin’s Egg Blue
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Eastern Blue
  • Cornflower Blue

The Gold Sand one is:

  • Light Brandy
  • Light Whiskey
  • Twine
  • Tan
  • Cashmere

The pink one is:

  • Rose Fog
  • Blush Pink

The products are handmade and as result, each one is slightly different from the last one.

We weighed 25 pots and the:

  • Min weight was: 296g
  • Max weight was: 463g
  • Average weight: 365g

They are perfect for all of your small household plants and succulents! If you’re buying them as a housewarming gift your recipient will love to house their small greenery in these!

The sizes, due to being handmade, differ ever so slightly. The size is approximate:

Sizes and dimensions of face plant pot
Sizes and dimensions of face plant pot


  • Outer width average 10.6cm
  • Inner top – 9cm

Inner Height

  • 7.2cm from bottom to the lip
  • 8.2 cm from the bottom to the top of the pot


  • Legs 1.5cm
  • Body – 8.7cm
  • Total height 10.2cm

Product dimensions face planter face plant pot

There are zero drainage holes.

Please note we sell these for indoor use only. Overloading may cause instability, always place on a solid flat level surface in use. Always place on a tray or mat in use to protect underlying surfaces. Using any liquid in this container is at the owner’s discretion. Plant in a liner. Any flowers or plants used in the photo is for demonstration purposes only.


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