Why is the rose a symbol of love

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Roses are beautiful flowers that come in various colours and shapes. They are also used to express feelings of love and affection. Roses are often associated with Valentine’s Day.

What does the rose symbolise?

It’s just another way for us to express our feelings. We use it when we want to show how much we care about someone or something.

Roses are a symbol of love because they represent beauty, purity, innocence, and youthfulness.

Is the red rose a symbol of love?

Red roses are a symbol of love. The colour red represents passion, romance, and excitement. Roses are associated with Valentine’s Day, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Mother’s Day, and other important occasions. 

When did the rose become a symbol of love?

The word “rose” comes from the Latin word rosa meaning red but when did it become a symbol of love?

Ancient Greeks

It all has to do with ancient Greek mythology, which believed that roses were created by Aphrodite, the goddess of love. She gave it to her son Eros. When she saw him playing with his toy soldiers, she asked what he wanted. He replied that he wanted a beautiful woman. So she made up a bunch of roses and sent them to him.

They also said that if you cut off one petal of a red rose, you would find a drop of blood on its tip. This was because they thought that the petals were the tears of Aphrodite.

Fun Fact – Ancient Greeks have influenced a lot! Our company was inspired by the Goddess of Flora and her love for flowers!

Middle Ages

It didn’t stop in ancient Greek times, it continued in the Middle Ages. In Medieval times, people used to wear flowers as amulets against evil spirits.

They’d put them around their necks or hang them from their clothes. And some people even wore roses in their hair!

Red rose meaning in relationship

The symbolic meaning of a red rose means that you like someone. You might give a red rose to your boyfriend or girlfriend as a sign of affection.

If you receive a red rose, you should be happy. You can also give a red rose to someone as a gift. That person may feel honoured.

Is it romantic?

Yes! Red roses are not only romantic but are the ultimate symbol of love, passion, friendship, beauty, and many other emotions. So if you want to make someone feel special or express your feelings for them, then send them red roses. They will appreciate this gesture.

The colour red is often associated with love because red is the colour of the heart. Hence, when you see a red rose, you know that the person who owns it loves you.

How Roses Are Timeless 

Do you know what the following all have in common:

  1. Real Roses
  2. Boxes of Roses Chocolates
  3. Rose Scented Perfume
  4. Rose Infused Face Wash
  5. Rose Infused Hand Cream

They don’t last!

The entire list doesn’t!!!

See, natural roses are lovely, but they don’t last forever. They wilt quickly and need constant attention.

So you intend to give a gift to represent your long-lasting love. In reality, your gift is temporary. Acceptable, if it’s a quick fling but long-lasting love deserves more!

Artificial Flora can make that gift truly timeless. Our roses are not only beautiful, but they last longer than real roses.


Our gorgeous roses are made of high-quality silk. They are perfect for every occasion. They never go bad and the one you care for will always remember you gifted them. 

Our artificial rose bouquets last all year round showing the people you always care for them! Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, valentine day and just because!

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